When it comes to tequila there are many misconceptions. The real deliciousness of tequila does not include beach balls, tchotchke sombreros or jello-shots. In many instances, partaking in tequila may not even include a lime or salt. Like a fine wine or high-end bourbon, true 100% blue weber agave tequila is sipped, savored and enjoyed for the warmth and flavor complexities.

Each agave field, each distiller, each barrel and each bottle is an end result of hard work, science and fine craftsmanship. Generations of families tend to the land and ensure every step from harvest, to cooking, extraction, fermentation, distillation, barreling and onto bottling is an outcome of complex decisions related to timing, method and artistry which ultimately create a specified flavor profile to take pleasure in.

Our philosophy is that whatever flavors you enjoy are whatever flavors you enjoy. There are no rights or wrongs, we are all learning and discovering. To unearth your own preferences takes time. The joy of sipping and trying new tequilas should come through the process of discovery, not feeling as if understanding this agave world is only for those who already “in the know.”

We take pride in being brand ambassadors only for tequilas we love and appreciate, and believe your store or restaurant–and ultimately your customers–will be wowed by. We support tequila brands that are authentic. Hand-crafted. Made with integrity and sustainability. By choosing only unique brands, together, we can educate consumers about differences in quality. We are creating tequila enthusiasts one sip at a time.

We are available for hire to conduct educational tasting events, present at private parties, and corporate soirées. Our events are fun, inspiring and delicious! Contact us to book a unique event.